Friday, 21 February 2014

NBA 2K Suggestions/Improvements

NBA 2K Suggestions/Improvements

After playing NBA 2K14, I was a little disappointed that the redeveloped physics and altered controls were generally the only major changes to the game. Although 2K Sports has once again produced one of the best basketball simulation video games, there is still much room for improvements in many aspects.

Below is a collection of suggestions/improvements that I think would enhance the NBA 2K experience.


-Halftime/Quarter Intermission interviews with coaches/players *now available in Next Gen gameplay*
-Moral Effect
-Technical fouls, flagrant fouls, and ejections/suspensions

Added features and enhancements to game modes:

-Summer League in Association and My Career
-NBA Draft Combine in Association and My Career (remove Rookie Showcase)
-Training Camp with a training camp roster of 20 players
-Unguaranteed and partially guaranteed contracts in Association
-Protected and unprotected draft picks
-Bring back NBA D-League to allow D-League call-ups and assignments
-Ability to facilitate 4-team trades
-Amnesty Clause

New modes:

- GM mode *available on Next Gen gameplay* 
- Owner mode 


-"Defense" chants late in games
- More realistic durability and injuries
- Smarter CPU GMs
- Free agency logic
- Undrafted rookies/players
- Interview/workout players to sign/trade
- National anthem
- Celebrities in stands

Do you have any suggestions?

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